collage image of kids crafts for the creation story

Sunday School Crafts for Days of Creation

I love all the imaginative ideas for illustrating and remembering the creation story found in Genesis. Whether you need a quick printable to cut and fold or want to take your time and create individual graphics for each day, you’ll find something here that will work for you. Especially for preschoolers, visit my shop for

example of paper craft printable samuel listens with verse speak lord, for your servant is listening 1 Samuel 3

Sunday School Craft for Samuel Listens to God

Enjoy a free printable craft for Samuel Listens to God. See Samuel eyes open and close and read, “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening,” from 1 Samuel 3. Young or old, God has a purpose and a plan for each of us, just as He did for Samuel. Reference: 1 Samuel 3:1-21 Revised Common

Sunday School Crafts for Jesus Walks on the Water

  Craft with Pattern shared by Craft Printable from Mini-Book Printable from Craft Instructions and Template from Small Boat Template from Jesus Walks on Water Magnet and Bottletop Craft image found on Pinterest Simple Paper Craft Boat from Lesson Plans Calvary Chapel Teacher’s Guides Calvary Chapel Student Pages Calvary

Sunday School Crafts for Story of Ruth

    Gathering Basket from a Lunch Sack shared by Bible Class Creations Craft Basket with Wheat shared by Nursery Rhymes and Fun Times Basket with Braided Wheat from Sola Publishing Paper Craft Haystack from Mission Arlington Resource Well Free Sunday School (with gameboard and crafts)

Children’s Ministry in the Smaller Church

The needs of children’s ministry volunteers in the smaller church are unique.  I’ve collected several articles to provide encouragement and practical tips for those seeking to share God’s love with children in a small church environment. Mark Pierce shares about Becoming a “Child-Friendly” Small Church Lifeway walks you through obstacles and solutions with their resource-How

Sunday School Crafts for Story of Joshua

  Craft  – Rahab and Walls of Jericho with Printable from Gospel Hall Craft – Joshua and the Battle of Jericho Minibook from Gospel Hall Craft – Joshua and The Battle of Jericho Activities with Printable from Lambsongs Craft – Rahab Activities with Printable from Lambsongs Craft – Rahab with Printable from Sunday School Sources

Sunday School Crafts for Story of Elijah

The story of Elijah does not end with his whirlwind trip to heaven. Like Enoch, Elijah did not die but was taken to heaven by God. As told in the lectionary text of 2 Kings 2:1-12: Just before the Lord took Elijah up to heaven in a windstorm, Elijah and Elisha were traveling from Gilgal.

Sunday School Crafts for Crossing the Jordan

Craft – Ark from Craft – Crossing the Jordan from Aunties Bible Lessons Craft – Crossing the Jordan from Sola Publishing Craft – Glitter Rocks from The Artful Parent Craft – Melty Crayon Rock from Lesson Plan from Calvary Chapel Student Pages from Calvary Chapel Lesson Plan from Resource Well Teacher/Parent Devotional from