Crafts for Moses and the Burning Bush

These crafts to illustrate the lesson of Moses and the Burning Bush range from simple to involved.  A couple can be adapted from their original idea to specifically fit this lesson.

Paint and Tissue Paper Bush from Little Blots

 Cut, color, and glue with printable template from Creative Sunday School Crafts

 Printable Coloring Page from Aunties Bible Lessons

Construction Paper and Contact Paper Burning Bush from Growing Kids Ministry

Fingerprint Painting Fall Tree to Adapt from Fun Family Crafts


 Tealight Flame with Template to adapt from Jesus Without Language

Paper Plate Burning Bush Craft from Karen in Mommyland

Toddler Sunday School Crafts for Life of Moses Part 2

Our next lesson about Moses continued with the emphasis on God having a plan for our lives.  He shared his plan for Moses by speaking to him from a burning bush.  I added a piece of clear packing tape with the sticky side up to the back of the picture.  The kids added bits of orange and yellow tissue paper to the tape.  They loved seeing the ‘fire’ in the middle of the bush.  You can download the printable for this craft here.


Toddler Sunday School Crafts for Life of Moses Part 1

We are now learning about the life of Moses with an emphasis on God’s plan for our lives.  The first lesson, of course, was about baby Moses floating in his basket.  I used decorative scissors for the edges of the “water” and a scallop border paper punch to create the reeds growing at the water’s edge.  The image for baby Moses was created by Richard Gunther and can be found on the LambSongs Old Testament page.  I created page of the image that you can download.

Baby Moses in a Basket

Baby Moses Story Craft
Decorative scissors and a scallop border paper punch were used to make this a simple craft.