nativity story illustration with mary, joseph, baby jesus, stable, ox, donkey

The Nativity Preschool Crafts and Printables

Are you still amazed at Mary’s humble response to Gabriel’s announcement? The NET translation shares Luke 1:38 this way. So Mary said, “Yes, I am a servant of the Lord; let this happen to me according to your word.” This is the first lesson and preschool crafts packet in my weekly lesson series following the

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Weekly Lessons Following the Jesus Storybook Bible

As we begin the church’s new year, I’m creating weekly lessons following the Jesus Storybook Bible. The lessons are digital downloads you can print at home and will be available from my new shop.  This begins the fulfillment of a dream I’ve had on my heart for almost 30 years. In my years as a

Story of Noah Crafts and Printables

The story of Noah in the Jesus Storybook Bible is entitled, “The New Beginning” and reminds me that sometimes new beginnings take a long time. All the ridicule Noah received made his faith in God all the more important. The story of Noah is found in Genesis 6-9. The video is available here. Check out

Adam and Eve Crafts and Printables

The story of Adam and Eve and the serpent in the Jesus Storybook Bible is entitled, “The Terrible Lie” and reminds me of the many lies we often believe about God’s love for us and our need for him. Even though Adam and Eve started the human race on a long journey, the story of

Jesus Storybook Bible Preschool Lesson Genesis 3

The second lesson in the Jesus Storybook Bible is found in Genesis 3 as Adam and Eve choose to believe the terrible lie Satan tells them.  I focused our lesson on happy hearts and sad hearts – that God’s heart is happy when we make good choices and God’s heart is sad when we make