Sunday School Crafts for Blind Bartimaeus

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Story of Bartimaeus Flannelgraph Figures
Bartimaeus Coloring Book
Story of Bartimaeus Slide Show

Flannelgraph, Coloring Book, Slideshow for Bartimaeus is Healed shared by My Wonder Studio

Jesus Heals a Blind Man Craft

Blind Man Healed Mask shared by Crafting the Word of God

A Blind Man Sees Craft

Blind Man Healed Cut and Paste shared by Lavatican

Bartimaeus is Healed Flip Face Craft
Bartimaeus Can See Book to Print or Color
Jesus’ Healing Touch

Jesus Heals a Blind Man Book and Crafts at LambsongsNZ

Helping Hand Sandprint Craft

Helping Hands Sandprint from Bible Class Creations

Helping Hand Wreath Craft

Helping Hands Wreath at Family Education


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