Awana Craft for Promise to Noah

AWANA Craft for Promise to Noah

For our lesson time during Awana this year, we will spend most of our time in the Old Testament.

We began with the story of Noah.  I created a craft with a focus on fine-motor skills filling in the curves of the rainbow with paper punches.  It ended up taking a bit too long and my assistant and I had to finish most of the pictures.  We added a paper punch sun and some cotton ball clouds.

Awana Craft for Promise to Noah for FB

If you want to make your own rainbow picture with paper, stickers, or paint, you can download the printable activity page here.

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Jesus Storybook Bible Preschool Lesson Genesis 3

Jesus Storybook Bible Preschool Lesson The Terrible Lie

The second lesson in the Jesus Storybook Bible is found in Genesis 3 as Adam and Eve choose to believe the terrible lie Satan tells them.  I focused our lesson on happy hearts and sad hearts – that God’s heart is happy when we make good choices and God’s heart is sad when we make bad choices.  Through it all he continues to love us unconditionally.

For our ‘holdable’ item this week, I found small, flat wooden hearts at the local craft store.  After a quick coat of paint, I added a happy face and a sad face with a permanent marker.

Shutter Fold Card John 3:16

Our craft is a simple shutter fold card.  The heart is glued to just one side of the front cover and John 3:16 is glued on the inside.  You can download the printable for the craft here.

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