Faith Reminder from a Coffee Mug

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These scrapbook pages were inspired by a journal prompt from Three Sixty Five an ebook by Kam Altar with Creative Writing Prompts for Bloggers & Creatives.  My current favorite coffee mug is personalized with the name of four long-time friends who have traveled many roads together.  Lori and I met when we started attending church together in 1987.  She and her husband West helped us move into our house a couple of years later.  She and I became friends with Gwen and Angela when we all began attending another congregation together a few years later.  Our husbands would occasionally meet for breakfast and we all connected well.

These women were my lifeline to faith during our family’s struggle through grief and depression.  They kept us covered in prayer which sustained me individually and helped keep my marriage intact.  These women and their husbands are my 3 am friends – those you call in the middle of the night on the way to the hospital.

Though we all belong to new church families now, the relationships remain.  We gather for birthdays and other milestone celebrations.  Prayer texts and emails keep us united and remind us how vital our faith in God continues to be.


I found the template for this page in Scrapbook Generation’s Create Magazine July 2014 issue.  You can download your free copy of the magazine here.  I created the page in Panstoria Artisan using artwork from Summer Home Digital Kit by Stampin’ Up!

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