Adam and Eve Crafts and Printables

The story of Adam and Eve and the serpent in the Jesus Storybook Bible is entitled, “The Terrible Lie” and reminds me of the many lies we often believe about God’s love for us and our need for him.

Even though Adam and Eve started the human race on a long journey, the story of our relationship with God does not end there. God continued and continues to pursue a relationship with each of us.

This is another story with a multitude of craft ideas available including apples, trees, and snakes.

New Adam and Eve Crafts

In addition to the wonderful resources listed below, I’ve created an apple and snake mobile and a colorful snake craft. Click here to download these crafts.


Adam and Eve Crafts from DLTK’s Growing Together

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Days of Creation Crafts and Printables

crafts for the creation story booklet and wreath

Sharing the story of the days of creation is always a joy. I currently teach a babies and toddlers class. Our story emphasis each week is the days of creation. We sing through the creation song and use manipulatives to help the little ones begin to understand God’s love for them and the amazing world he created. I catch myself singing the simple songs to myself during the week.

Day One, Day One

God made light when there was none.

It helps to remember who is in control and that he spoke light into being. The eloquent words of the Psalms speak of the wonders of the creation. Sometimes simplicity is what we need.

Days of Creation Printables

In addition to the wonderful resources listed below, I’ve created a creation wreath to cut, color, and glue (or cut and glue) and a days of creation book that you can tie together with yarn.

Links to other creation crafts on my site:

Story of Creation Craft

6 Easy Crafts for Days of Creation

Creation Coloring Page

Take a moment to consider the wonder of creation.


Creation Story Printables from Bible Story Printables

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Printables from Bible Crafts and Activities are available for free in the Printables Resource Library.


Isaac and Rebekah Craft

Isaac and Rebekah Craft with Printable

Isaac and Rebekah Craft with PrintableWith our next story we learn about God’s provision in Isaac’s life. The booklet for the Isaac and Rebekah Craft is made from three pieces of 3 x 9″ construction paper folded in half. You can staple the book together or punch two holes and tie the spine together with a ribbon.

This was another craft to practice our cutting skills and then our counting skills to put the pages in order. This week’s craft also included an activity sheet with a verse to trace and picture to color.

The beautiful images that I used have been made available from Sweet Publishing. To make your own booket, download a copy of the printable here.