Crafts – Camels

Printable Camel Craft from LearnCreateLove Stand-Up Camel from ScissorCraft Clothes-Pin Camel from Artists Helping Children Punch Art Camel from BlinkThinkInk Punch Art Camel with Star shared on Gallery at SplitCoastStampers Handprint Camel at ClickaCraft Origami Camel at Gilad Origami Camel from TippyToeCrafts

Crafts – Nativity

  Nativity Punch Art from Mafer Creations Digital Nativity Greeting Card from TenGrrl Hand-Stitched Nativity Ornament from WMCraftGoodies Nativity from Crafty Cow Creations Wise Men from Craft Sticks from Made by Mollies Mom Printable Nativity Set at Christmas.YourWay.Net Printable Nativity Set from Marloes De Vee Nativity Printables from Activity Village Nativity Craft Stick Puppets from

Crafts – Ten Lepers Healed

  The Gospel of Luke shares the story of the ten lepers who were healed and the one who returned to offer thanks (Luke 17:11-19). Paper Doll with Spots from Bible School Teachers Wooden Spoon Craft  from Bible School Teachers One Leper Thanks Jesus Mini Book From Lamb Songs Ten Lepers Hands from ABCJesusLovesMe Nesting

Crafts – Parable of the Sower

Print and play a file folder game from Create a mini-book or storyboard set from these printables at Create a seed collage with ideas from Create a tree mosaic using seeds and this template from Richmond Nature Park Society. Bake and decorate these cupcakes with guidance from ChurchHouseCollection. Print story book about

Crafts – Parable of the Mustard Seed

Lesson Plan and Activities for Parable of the Mustard Seed at Eggshell Planter Idea from Kaboose Mustard Seed Card Tutorial from Kingdom of Heaven Poster for Discussion from Parable of the Mustard Seed Printables Set from

Crafts – Jesus Calms the Storm

Calming the Storm Coloring Activity Sheet at Grandmother Wren Fun Bathtub Toy from Bible Class Creations Printable Story Book to Color from Lambsongs Printable Template for Craft from Make Marbled Paper with Paint and Shaving Cream as a Storm Background from Having Fun at Home Jesus Calms the Storm Printable Set from BibleCraftsAndActivities Ocean

Crafts – Jesus Feeds 5000

Jesus Feeds 5000 Printable Set from Bible Crafts Jesus Feeds 5000 Diorama from Bible Crafts Jesus Feeds 5000 Necklace Craft from BibleClassCreations Lacing Basket with Fish and Loaves Idea from BibleSchoolTeachers Fun Foam Craft from MichellePaige Boy Shares His Lunch Booklet to Color from Lambsongs A Basket with Loaves and Fishes on Google Book Samples